Yuva saves four minor girls from child marriage

Bali Sabar
Bali Sabar(Pix: Uttam Acharjee)

Jamshedpur: Yuva Jamshedpur, the social organization, has saved four minor Sabar girls from the curse of child marriage in the month of March.

A few days back two minor Sabar girls of Dhengam village in Potka block suddenly vanished from the village. It may be mentioned that the social organization Yuva has been running a learning centre for Sabar children with the help of CWS and ASW in Dhengam village.
When Arup Kumar, co-ordinator, Yuva, learnt about the two minor Sabar girls being untraced, he started efforts to trace them. He learnt that 12-year-old Bali Sabar has left home for marriage and she is accompanied by 10-year-old Bari Sabar.

Puja Sabar
Puja Sabar

After learning about the developments, Yuva volunteers took their parents to Lango village in Dumaria. Even the bridegroom-to-be was a minor and was a student of 10th class. Bali and Bari were brought back to the village after a lot of counselling.

Similarly, Puja Sabar and Milan Sabar of Tangrain village in Potka village were also saved from child marriage thanks to the relentless efforts and pursuasion from young Yuva volunteers.

Milan Sabar
Milan Sabar (Pix: Uttam Acharjee)

Thanks to the efforts of Yuva volunteers, the orphan Puja Sabar was admitted into a girls' hostel in Sundernagar . A person from Tangrain village itself reached the hostel and told the hostel administrators that Puja's mother has died. He took Puja Sabar with himself and then got her married with a middle-aged peson from Lango village.

Yuva Mitra Jayanti Sardar of Chakdi village told other Yuva members about this. With a lot of efforts and persuasion from Yuva secretary Barnali Chakravorty and Arup Kumar Mandal, Puja Sabar was freed from the village and was re-admitted to the hostel in Parsudih.

After only a few days, it was learnt that another girl from Tangrain village was sold off for Rs. 3,000. It was further learnt that the girl who was sold off was none else but the younger sister of Puja, 8-year-old Milan Sabar.  The father of Puja and Milan Sabar had died some six years back, while their mother had married off and gone somewhere else leaving them as helpless. Another Sabar from the same village was supposed to act as a guardian of these two girls, but he himself had sold them off for marriage to a middle-aged person from Lango village.

Bari Sabar (Pix: Uttam Acharjee)
Bari Sabar

Thanks to Yuva's intervention, Milan Sabar was saved from child marriage and was brought back. Later, Mukhiya Rajaram, Gloria Purty, district in charge, Mahila Samakhya, Child Protection Officer Ms. Chanchala Kumar etc were contacted and she was admitted in the hostel run by Mahila Samakhya at Khunti.

It may be mentioned that Yuva has been running a campaign against child marriage in 20 villages of Potka with the help of Development Focus.

Six Yuva mitras have been developed in all these 20 villages under the campaign. These Yuva Mitras are trained regularly and the awareness campaign is run with their help. A committee has also been formed in all these villages for taking action on receiving information about any child marriage.

Yuva Secretary Barnali Chakravorty, Yuva mitra Jayanti Sardar, Arup Kumar Mndal and Chandmai Sawaiyan played an important and active role in protecting these four Sabar girls from child marriage.