Yuva launches Pre- Election Voter Awareness Campaign (PEVAC)

Jamshedpur: Panchayat elections are being held in the state of Jharkhand after a long hiatus of 31 years. Given the backwardness of the state and its people, these elections have assumed a lot of significance. The general hope is that the panchayat elections would empower the people in political terms at the grassroot level and would help the government machinery to devolve greater benefits to the masses.

The awareness level in the villages, especially predominantly tribal areas, is extremely low. Being extremely poor and uninformed, the villagers are not enthusiastic about the panchayat elections. In order to make the rural masses aware about the importance of greater participation in the panchayat level elections, Yuva has started a Pre- Election Voter Awareness Campaign (PEVAC). Today, YUVA members organized such awareness camps at Chakdi, Potka to facilitate greater participation of people as well as the candidates in the forthcoming panchayat elections.

Village Level Meeting under PEVAC:  Village level meetings were also organized in different villages in Potka and Jamshedpur blocks respectively as a part of this programme.
The participants discussed different problems and issues in the village level meetings.

YUVA is motivating people to participate in the elections, both as voters and candidates. Women have been encouraged to contest elections. An appeal has also been made to vote for women candidates and the general masses were explained the significance of greater participation in the panchayat level elections.

YUVA will also facilitate filing of nomination papers by the candidates and will persuade people to exercise their franchise. Yuva will also appeal to everyone to uphold enforcement of the  Model Code Of Conduct during the elections.

YUVA has also instituted a Help Desk to help the prospective candidates contest panchayat elections.

(Report filed by Eshani Chakraborty, Chandmani Sawaiya, Sanjay Kumar)