Yuva launches Integrated Farming Training Centre at Badegoda in Sarjamda, Jamshedpur

Vegetable being grown as a part of integrated farming launched by Yuva at Sarjamda

YUVA has launched an Integrated Farming Training Center at Badegoda, Sarjamda at Jamshedpur.

This farm will be managed by Harit Agro.The preparation for formal inauguration of the Centre is going on at a brisk pace.

In this farm, the local farmers will get opportunities for learning through on-site training programmes and would get to take part in a host of activities, e.g.vermin compost, Kitchen gardening, Green House effect0, ushroom cultivation, SHG formation and strengthening training.

This is another ambitious project taken up by Yuva, Jamshedpur members.

integarted farming by Yuva Jamshedpur

Yuva's Integrated Farming Centre at Sarjamda, Jamshedpur