Women learn puffed-rice making in Chakri and Radur villages in Potka

Jamshedpur: A puffed-rice making training session was organized on February 12, 2012 at Chakri and Radur villages of Potka block in East Singhbhum by Yuva to enable women to start village level puffed-rice enterprises.

Yuva has always laid a special stress on promoting self-employment and enterprise among rural women. The organization believes that real empowerment of rural women would come only if they learn to be self-dependent economically. And Yuva also believes that there is no lack of ability among the rural women.
They only need some outlet to show their skills and enterprise. To enable the rural women to use simple technology to enhance their income, Yuva has been promoting a number of enterprises in the villages, e.g. puffed rice making, use of solar light, telephone vending machines and dairy business.

Taking an important stride in this direction, Yuva imparted a training in puffed-rice making for the self-help groups of the women in Chakri and Radur villages of Potka block in East Singhbhum. As everyone knows, puffed-rice is the staple diet of the rural population in Singhbhum and most of the areas in West Bengal, Orissa and Jharkhand. So, there is always a demand for good quality puffed rice.

The training was imparted by Vaidyanath Pal and Anima Hembrom of Premier Magnotos, Kharagpur.

The women members of Milan Sangh Mahila Samity, Chakri and Sugum Horen Mahila Samity, Radur attended the training sessions enthusiastically.

Yuva members Arup Kumar Mandal, Chandmani Sawaiyan, Sambhunath Karmkar and Abhishek Sardar helped in making this training session a grand success. Yuva will now aim to encourage these women to take up production of puffed-rice at village level.