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Wife delivers stillborn baby and Purno Savar has T.B.

Jamshedpur: Since the day Yuva opened a school for Savar children in Tangrain, its volunteers are also trying to expedite development of Savar community.

Realizing that Savar community needs help on several other fronts too, Yuva members helped Sahia and the ANM of the area to persuade the pregnant Savar women to go to hospitals for delivering child.
Purno Savar's wife too was pregnant.

With the help of Yuva members, Purno Savar's wife wsa admitted in the MGM Hospital. But, unfortunately, she delivered a stillborn baby.

The doctors told Yuva members that Somvari, Purno's wife was grossly underweight. They also said that she consumed too much country liquor. Perhaps, these were the reasons for her delivering a stillborn baby.
When his wife was admitted into the hospital, Purno Savar too was with her to help her.

Meanwhile, the doctors told him that he too has contacted tuberculosis. He too was admitted into the hospital. Yuva members made arrangements for taking care of their children during the period they were admitted into the hospital.

Unfortunately, one day both wife and hospital left the hospital without informing anyone. And the two have not discontinued drinking even now.
Yuva members are now worried that Purno and his wife might think of selling their children as Dhangars.

Yuva members are keeping a tab on the family and would try their best to help the family.