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Who will protect child and educational rights of Puja Savar and Surmi Savar?

Jamshedpur: Puja Savar and Surmi Savar are working as child workers in Tangrain village of Potka, East Singhbhum, Jharkhand. As child workers, they get only food. However, their parents get Rs 800 annually, separately, for their hard work. For this, they have to do all the domestic work in their master's house and they also take care of the cows and goats of their master.

Puja's father has died. After her father's death, her mother, Pathri Savar, married another man. But she does visit her master's house once in a year to collect 800 rupees, in lieu of her daughter's hard work.

YUVA volunteers tried hard to convince their masters to send both of these girls to newly-opened school KISLAY. This school is especially aimed at bringing the Savar children back to the mainstream of school education. After ten days of continuous efforts and persuasion with the active help of Mukhiya Rajaram Munda and Mangal Patro, both these girls have now started attending our school Kislay. On June 4, 2011 they attended their first class at Kislay.

We hope they face no hurdles in the days to come, in continuing their education.

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