Sunnie Hong talks about Yuva, AIESEC, IIT Kharagpur and India

Jamshedpur:  Sunnie Hong, a Chinese student, stayed in Jamshedpur as a guest of Yuva and worked here for a month as an intern. She had arrived here as a social intern as a part of AIESEC (IIT) International's global exchange programme. She worked with us and contributed to fund-raising and report writing for our library.

Lingjie has been a special guest for us. She was assigned as an intern by AIESEC IIT,  Kharagpur under their global exchange programme.

AIESEC IIT Kharagpur's website has a nice interview of Sunnie Hong, where she talks about her experience as an intern at Yuva and also speaks about the people of India. She has nice things to say about Jamshedpur, Yuva, AIESEC, IIT Kharagpur and the people, in general, of India.

For our part, we did not talk much about her respecting her privacy. But, we did ensure that she went back with good experience and feeling about India and the Indian people. We are happy she enjoyed her stay in India. We wish her all the best in life. Thanks Sunnie!

Sunnie Hong's smile is really infectious. Just listen to her!