Shiksa Se Parivartan

Name of the project: Shiksa Se Parivartan

    Funding agency: SPAR, Development Focus ,EDUKANS, Netherland
    Duration: 1 Sept  2008 to 30 August 2011 (ongoing)
    Total Amount: Rs10,57,082/-
    Area : 20 villages of Potka Block of East Singhbhum
    Objective of the project:
  1. To ensure quality and relevant education to children of age group 6-14 year and engage children of age group 15-18 years from marginalized community in various activities for earning and livelihood support.
  1. To enable community in form of  community based organizations like SHGs, PTA, MTA, VEC to respond to the needs of the children of marginalized community for primary education
    iii.  To initiate the process of pro-primary education oriented state education policy with more emphasis on quality and relevant education