Shanti Niketan flat-owners to implement Water Harvesting Project with Yuva help

Jamshedpur: Shanti Niketan flat-owners may get the distinction of being the first residential society to have implemented a water harvesting project in their flat-complex. The residents of the complex have sought Yuva's help and expertise for implementing a water harvesting project. They are well on their way to gather finances and may soon be the proud residents of a residential complex that  boasts of an elaborate water harvesting system.

Yuva has been working hard to spread the message and idea of water harvesting among the residents of Jamshedpur. In fact, just a couple of weeks back Yuva sent one of its representatives to Delhi to learn the techniques of implementing water harvesting projects. Now is the time to put that learning to use.

It was a very heart-warming experience when the residents of Shanti Niketan, a residential complex of Parsudih, Jamshedpur, contacted us and said that they were interested in implementing water harvesting project in their complex. Yuva willingly agreed to have a meeting with them and to make a presentation before them. The presentation was made in the evening on April 10. All the residents were visibly impressed and they said that they would like to make their complex water harvesting capable.

The residents have already started collecting money and resources required for implementing the project. And if everything goes well, the complex may soon have the distinction of being the first residential complex in this area that boasts of having such an elaborate system.

The outskirts of Jamshedpur are facing severe water crisis. A large number of protests have taken place in the city and strife for water is already visible. Water harvesting has become a necessity for these areas. Yuva is ready to play its part in spreading the message of water harvesting and stopping wastage of water. Keep watching this space for the latest update.