Seminar on condition of primitive tribes and their development held

Jamshedpur: A seminar was organized on " Struggles of primitive tribes and their development" at Tribal Culture Centre, Sonari at the initiative of social organization, Youth Unity For Voluntary Action (Yuva), Jamshedpur.

Those who actively participated in the seminar included Ramesh Hansda, social activist Anjali Bose, Bapi Kar, Gautam Bose, Arpita, Ramu Sabar and Budhia Sabar.

The seminar was compered by Barnali Chakraborty, secretary, Yuva.

The speakers expressed their thoughts on different issues including migration, livelihood, hooch addiction, lack of education, child labour, food security and land rights openly and discussed ways to solve these problems.

Young tribal leader, Ramesh Hansda, held lack of awareness and a sense of social togetherness in the Sabar community responsible for their backwardness. He underlined the importance of providing them facilities to ensure their intellectual development. Mr. Hansda said that there is a need to promote music, songs and other cultural activities among the Sabars.