Ramu Sabar's hard work turns into ashes

Ramu Sabar lost his paddy lot in fire
Ramu Sabar's lot of paddy turned into ashes

Jamshedpur: Misfortune? Accident? Or some clever trick by someone? No one knows. But, the sudden turn of events have left Ramu Sabar, a resident of Tangrain village into a deep lurch. He has lost all that was supposed to support his and his family's life.

Ramu Sabar of Tangrain village worked hard as a farmer. He had taken Akshay Munda's land on rent for paddy farming. Akshay Munda too is a resident of the same village. Ram Sabar's hard work bore fruits. He reaped around 50 mounds of paddy crop. He was happy. So were his family members.
Ramu Sabar reaped the crop and kept all the produce in his khalihan in front of his house on December 6.  He worked whole day and by 3 p.m. all the produce was brought to his khalihan from the field.

But, by 3.30 p.m. all his fortune turned into ashes. He lost paddy worth at least Rs. 12 thousand in the fire.

It is not yet clear whether the fire was caused by accident, or someone set fire on his produce for malicious reasons.

Sabars are not a farming community. They prefer to live in forests. A lot of efforts are being made by the government and different social organizations to encourage them to join the mainstream and take up farming and other regular professions.

But, it is really a heart-rending misfortune and setback for a person from Sabar community to have lost everything after such hard work. An accident of this magnitude cannot be compared to anything.  It seems misfortune loves only hard-working, honest and poor persons. This one incident is enough to disprove existence of a super-natural power.

Is it an coincidence?

Ramu Sabar was full of enthusiasm and wanted to be a part of the mainstream society.

It would be very hard for him now to think of taking up farming again. And will he be at fault if he does not take up farming next year?

Ramu Sabar's two children are studying in a residential school in Patamda with help from Yuva, Jamshedpur.

Does the government have any policy to help such people from endangered tribal communities?