Play & Learn Fun Camp for Sabar Children

Jamshedpur: Youth Unity For Voluntary Action (Yuva, Jamshedpur) organized a Play & Learn Fun Camp for Sabar children from February 17 to February 19, 2012. The camp was organized at Tribal Culture Centre, Sonari.

In all, 30 Sabar children from Tangrain and Dhengam villages of Potka block, East Singhbhum, Jharkhand, India too part in the fun camp.

Children learning art in Learning Camp of Yuva, Jamshedpur organized for Savar children

The children were taken to the Tata Zoological Park, Jubilee Park and other such fun-places in Jamshedpur as a part of this camp.

The camp was inaugurated by the eminent social activist of Jamshedpur, Mr. Bailey Bodhanwala.

The purpose of the camp was to ensure that Sabar Children, who normally stay away from mainstream society, get a chance to take part in different sporting and other activities and open up to the outside world. An effort was made to make the experience pleasant and full-of-fun and enjoyment for them, while they also learn about the world in the process.

P D Anjala and Arpita, members of Yuva, conducted the camp and led all the activities during the camp. They were ably helped by Jayanti Sardar, Harishchandra and Arup.

Savar chidlren playing in Learning camp organized by Yuva, Jamshedpur

All the children that participated in the fun camp are students of "Kislay", a school run by Yuva and Asha For Education (San Francisco). Kislay has taken up the responsibility of encouraging and preparing these Sabar children to join the mainstream of education.

The event has been given prominent coverage by the local media.

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Savar children watching leopard at the Zoo enclosure.