Munna Kumar joins Railways as Asst. Driver

Jamshedpur: It is another good piece of news for the members of Yuva Jamshedpur.

Like scores of other Yuva members, Munna Kumar too has succeeded in his efforts to build a secure and rewarding career.

Thanks to the elaborate preparations he made using Yuva resources and the moral support from Yuva, Munna Kumar has cracked the railway recruitment board test and has already joined Railways as Asst. Driver. Presently, he is under training at Bhushawal. After completing the mandatory training he would join as Assistant Driver.

Munna was always keen on joining Indian Railways. He has been working very hard for months and has been preparing with rare singlemindedness. His success in cracking the RRB exam will now inspire several other Yuva members too.

Munna Kumar has always been known by Yuva members as a hard working and sincere student. He has contributed a lot to Yuva activities and has been participating in the Yuva programmes with zeal and commitment.

Munna Kumar says that Yuva members are a part of his family and he would never forget them. He also acknowledges the positive influence that activities in Yuva has had on his development and success.

We too wish Munna Kumar well and hope that he would continue with his social activities even in future.