Jharkhand minister Champai Soren inaugurates six Birsa Udyamita Bhavans at Potka

Jharkhand Minister Mr. Champai Soren inaugurating Udyamita Bhawans in Potka constructed by JTDS.
Jharkhand Minister Mr. Champai Soren inaugurating Udyamita Bhawans in Potka constructed by JTDS.

Jamshedpur: The Honorable Adivasi welfare, transport and industry minister of Jharkhand, Mr. Champai soren, inaugurated six newly constructed Birsa Udyamita Bhawans and platforms in six villages of Potka.

These Udyamita Bhawan or entrepreneurship centres have been constructed on behalf of JTDS of the welfare department of the Government of Jharkhand with the active help of Youth Unity For Voluntary Action, Jamshedpur.

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This project has been funded under tribal sub plan SCA to TSP Scheme. Mrs. Menaka Sardar, MLA, Potka and Sanjeev Sardar, member, Zila Parishad were guests of honor on this occasion. Birsa Udyamita Bhawans and platforms have been constructed in six villages of Potka, namely Chakdi, Podahatu, Nachosai, Jojodih, Sidirsai and Jhapan.

A cheque was also given for village development on this occasion. In his address, the chief guest and minister Mr. Champai Soren said that the government has been running several welfare schemes for Adivasis. He said that women would be allocated poultry farms and hauler machines would also be provided in the Udyamita Bhawans. Besides, these centres would also be linked with other beneficial schemes. He said that the government would ensure total development of Adivasis in the entire state.

The honorable minister also appealed to the people to keep away from addiction of any kind and to ensure that their children get good education.

The guest of honour, Menaka Sardar, in her address said that such government schemes would serve their purpose only if the people make maximum use of them.

The meeting was also addressed by Sanjeev Sardar, member, Zila Parishad.

Those who were present on the occasion included Mr. H S Gupta, director, JTDS, Mr. Manoj Sinha, director, Upper Project, Ms. Barnali Chakravorty, secretary, Yuva, Narendra Kumar, treasurer, Yuva, Vijay Singh, Navin, Maya Hansda, Devla Tudu, Yuva founder member Arbind Tiwary, Pramod Kuma, Devashish Kamila, Sanjeev Kumar, Arup Mandal, Abhishek Sardar, Vibhishan Gope, Nanda Tanti and Vinay Purti.

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