Goatery training for Sabar community in Dhengam

Yuva Jamshedpur organized a goatery training programme with the help of CWS and ASW for the benefit of Sabar community in Dhengam village in Potka block, East Singhbhum district. The training was imparted by Dr. R M Mishra of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Darisai. The programme was also addressed by the secretary of Yuva Jamshedpur, Barnali Chakraborty.
Barnali Chakraborty threw light on the activities of the organization and expressed hope that the training would help the people from Sabar community to show their entrepreneurship.

The participants learnt in detail about the different breeds of goat, their upkeep, their diseases and marketing opportunities. They were told that goatery can be a viable option for alternative income and may sustain families by providing them employment.

The training programme was participatory by design to encourage the participants to take active part in the training. In the beginning most of the participants were unwilling to express their views, but as time passed they started coming out and started participating openly and without any hesitation.

The trainer sought information about how they were looking after their goats. And then he gave them tips about how to make their goatery enterprise more profitable and more reliable.

As the programme progressed, a large number of participants from Sabar community started asking questions and also expressed their own opinion.

The trainer asked them to keep the environs clean wherever they keep their goats. He asked them to use Chita mitti, paddy husk and sand for preparing land for keeping their goats. He also advised them to keep a machan in their tabela so that the goats can climb that at will. He asked them to wipe the body of goats clean if they get wet for any reason.

He told them that goats can devour all types of leaves. Some leaves have medicinal value for them. And goats also chew leaves during rainy season. He also told them about different goat diseases like worms, scratching, hair fall etc and advised them about how to treat these diseases. He told them that each goat can bring them six to eight thousand rupees within a year.

Later, one participant told the trainer how they turn their he-goats into a khassi. The trainer told them about the technical aspects of this process.

Then all the participants were taken to a herd of goats and they were told the ways to find out the age of goats.

Sabar participants from Dhengam, Otejhari and Karadkocha asked several questions. Dr. Mishra replied to their questions one by one.

Finally, all the Sabar participants decided to meet the BDO and join the Pashudhan Yojana of the government to get maximum benefit from it.

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