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Four Sabar children to join Bharat Sevashram Sangh's residential school

Jamshedpur:Juhi Sabar, Jhurki Sabar, Puja Sabar and Banbasi Sabar are quite  excited. And there is a reason for that. All these four Sabar children will now join Bharat Sevashram Sangh's residential school in Sundernagar, Jamshedpur and would study with other children.

These four Sabar children belong to the endangered Sabar tribe and are a student of Kislay, Tangrain, a school run by Yuva and ASHA For Education at Tangrain, Potka village. Another branch of Kislay runs at Dhengam village.

Five Sabar children, who are students of Kislay, a joint effort of Yuva, Jamshedpur and ASHA, will now study at a residential school run by Kerala Public Trust at Dhoosra, Patamda. All these children want to acquire higher education.

All these children have been admitted into Kerala Public Trust Residential School run at Dhusra, Patamda. The children who have been selected for education in the residential school include Ajay Sabar and Sukra Sabar from Dehngam village and Ganga Sabar, Susru Sabar and Soma Sabar from Tangrain village.

About a month back, five Sabar children from Dhengam branch of Kislay were admitted into Kerala Public Trust School at Patamda. With this, a total of nine Sabar children studying in two units of "Kislay" have now been mainstreamed. This is a major success for the Kislay project being run with the help of Asha For Education. The main objective of the project is to encourage and help Sabar children in joining the mainstream of education.

Bharat Sevashram Sangh is a well-known social organization active in the interiors of Jharkhand. It has been running several residential schools for poor  tribals in the remotest corners of Jharkhand. Yuva members are happy to learn that four more Kislay children have been admitted in a mainstream school.

Yuva and Asha For Education, have been running a school "Kislay" in Dhengam, a remote village in Potka district for the last several months. This school has been opened specifically for Savar children. Another school for Savar children is also run at Tangrain, Sabar Nagar.

The school at Dhengam was formally inaugurated on November 15, 2011 the 12th anniversary of Jharkhand.

The first such school "Kislay" has already been running in Sabar Nagar, Tangrain for the last one year.