Financial Profile

The balance sheet of last three years will make it evident that YUVA has not deviated from its mission of serving the underprivileged.  Let us make an analysis of the last three years financial status of our organization to present a real picture. The data show fluctuation in terms of income as well as in expenditure during last three years.

The graph shows a sharp decrease of income-expenditure during 2007-08 while the situation improved in 2008-09. During these three years the expenditures exceeded our income.

Hence it is mentionable that we had a tough time during last three years but our organization did not compromise with the overall quality of programme implementation and used to spend excess amount over the income.

The analytical bar chart for our income vs. expenditure represents the credible financial strategy of YUVA. We have been implementing different projects for last three decades supported by many International, national level funding organization as well as by the Government.

We urgently require more funding support to extend our services to the underprivileged in order to address their social needs.

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