Felicitation and career counselling in Yuva

Jamshedpur: Yuva, Jamshedpur organized a talent felicitation and career counselling programme in Yuva Library at Madkampur, Parsudih.

Ranjit Kumar Singh, who has been successful in BPSC examiantion, Pradhan Majhi who has cracked JPSC and Kalicharan Singh, who has done exceptionally well in several areas, were felicitated by the Yuva members in the programme.
The three felicitated ex-members of Yuva spoke about their experiences with the young members of Yuva and gave them tips on how to achieve success in career efforts and how to remain socially oriented and socially conscious even while trying to build a career for oneself.

Delivering the welcome speed, Varun Kumar, the president of Yuva said that it was a matter of pride for Yuva that its members were selected for the state services. He underlined the fact that members using Yuva library have been consistently performing well in competitive examinations for more than a decade.

He said that Yuva library is a boon for those poor students who can't afford to attend a costly coaching centre. He said that the young boys and girls help each other in the library and learn tips from one another.

Varun Kumar asked the Yuva members not to be disappointed with failure because failure prepares the ground for later success. He also underscored the importance of practicing.

The former vice president of Yuva, Ranjit Kumar Singh, who has been selected for BPSC, said that he never went to a coaching class. He said that he has learnt everything through Yuva. He told the young members that general knowledge is something that comes from regular reading and not by getting a few facts by rote. He said that regular practice is what would help them in learning mathematics.

Pradhan Manjhi, who has cracked JPSC, said that there is no shortcut to success. He also said that group preparation helps in many ways.

Kalicharan Singh, who has also been successful in JPSC, said that he studied for at least four hours regularly. He said that one should enjoy routine life and help members of one's family. But, one should never compromise on the hours that he has scheduled for study.

Conducting the programme, the founder of Yuva, Arbind Tiwary said that Yuva library has helped the poor students of the area in a big way, especially those who cannot afford to attend coaching centres.

Narendra Kumar proposed the vote of thanks.