Deep Joshi

Deep Joshi-led IFAD team inspects Yuva's work under JTDP

Jamshedpur: An IFAD (International Fund For Agricultural Development) team led by Mr. Deep Joshi, a recipient of Magsasay Award 2009, took stock of the development initiatives taken by Yuva in the villages of Potka under Jharkhand Tribal Development Programme. The director of Jharkhand Tribal Development Society, Mr. Prakash Oraon, was also a part of the visiting team.

The team visited  Nachosai and Koche villages and inspected the progress made by Yuva in implementation of projects relating to the areas of land and water management, women empowerment, agricultural development, forestry and fishery.

The team spoke to the women and menfolk as well as the different CBOS separately. The team members said that they were quite impressed by the commitment of Yuva members and their achievements in the rural areas of Potka.

Mr. Deep Joshi also inaugurated a Mudhi (puffed rice) Production Centre in Radur village, Potka. Barnali Chakravorty, general secretary, Yuva informed the team members about the development projects being carried out by Yuva in the rural areas of Potka.