Menka Sardar

Block-level conference on 'Right To Education'

By Chandmani

Jamshedpur: Yuva organized a block-level conference on "Right to Education" in Chakri village in Potka block of East Singhbhum district, Jharkhand. A large number of women from nearby villages, members of Gram Shiksha Samitis and women self-help groups attended the conference.

India has joined the list of few countries where Right to Education is a fundamental right. But, the RTE Act is yet to be implemented in letter and spirit. Sadly, this act has not been implemented in the state of Jharkhand yet.

The Act promises to ensure education for all children between 6 and 14, a whopping 22 crore children, out of which nearly 1.1 crore are out of school and the act makes it obligatory for the appropriate governments to ensure that every child gets free elementary education.

The Act mandates that even private educational institutions have to reserve 25 per cent seats for children from weaker sections. The Finance Commission has provided Rs 25,000 crore to the states for implementation of the Act.

Lack of teachers, funds, prevalent corruption,state-center differences, infrastructure¬† and most importantly, the lack of will power to execute ‚Äď there are multiple challenges for the government to go beyond lip service.

Keeping all these factors in mind Yuva decided to apprise the women-folk about the various provisions of RTE.

Addressing the conference, the Potka MLA, Menka Sardar, said that though the right to education has been given the status of a fundamental right, the people would have to come forward to ensure that it is implemented in its true letter and spirit at the ground level.

She said that the women members of self-help groups should visit the schools regularly to know about the academic progress of their children. She said that it was necessary to ensure quality education in the schools.

The guest of honour of the conference was Mrs. Ambika Sardar, mukhiya of Chakri panchayat. Others who attended the conference included Anita Singh Sardar, panchayat samity member, Rajaram Munda, mukhiya of Tangrain and social activist Vibhishan Sardar.

Welcome address wsa delivered by Chandmani Sawaiyan. Compering the conference, Barnali, secretary, Yuva said that the Jharkhand cabinet is yet to pass the resolution relating to Right to Education and it is really unfortunate because owing to this omission the act has not come into force in the state. She said that while the Act has been enforced in other states, it is yet to be implemented in Jharkhand. She urged the government to ensure that the act is fully enforced in this state too.

The villagers raised the issue of shortage of teachers in the government schools and language problems.

Those who addressed the conference included Vir Chand Sardar, Abhishek Sardar, Khelaram Mahali, Shambhunath Karmakar and Arup Mandal.