And only 0/10 on Google Page Ranking!

We were happy to have scored 97 on Yslow. So much so that we even blogged about it. But, now we are told that our website is very low on Google page ranking. And we do not have much idea about how to increase our page ranking. We understand that page ranking is very important for any website as otherwise very few people would get to reach it.

If it is so important how does one go about increasing page ranking. Surely, everyone must be trying the well-known tricks and doing everything to ensure that they get the best PR. And there are so many professionals out there. Where do we stand in this huge world?

Well, our own boys tell us that it will take some time and that it is not very difficult. We only need some good internal linking, then incoming linking and then some very good content to score well on the page ranking front.

And they tell us that some sites even employ unethical tricks to score big on PR. They tell us they would never cross the boundary of ethics and would do everything that is perfectly legal and moral.

We feel re-assured! One has to be on his guard even in the virtual world.